May 28, 2015


Hi Lovelies! Sami from The Unexpected Type here to talk about keeping your fashion ultra-lux while on a college girl’s budget! Fashion influences the lives of many—who doesn’t want to walk around wearing the latest Dior? I’ll raise my hand to that! Budgets remain to be a questionable issue in the industry to whether it really is the key to true style. Trust me, it’s not!

So many expert fashionistas are mixing high and low, or even going low-end all around to show that true style isn’t in the price of the piece, but how you wear it. As a girl who once struggled on the impending college student budget, I learned a few tricks along the way that will keep you looking like a million bucks under $100 (seriously!)

Go Dainty
Dainty, minimalistic jewelry can get pricey, fast. The trend of simple jewelry started last year and accessorizing with minimal pieces is booming this year. You can find really simple pieces pretty much anywhere for under $5. Forever21 may be lacking in the quality of clothing, but their $3 dainty necklaces and bracelets will make up for that! I get compliments on my minimal pieces from F21 all the time—my priceless secret!

Grab a Clutch
All that hardware on your bag can make it look cheap or tacky. The hardware can wear away pretty fast, too, leaving tattered remains of a chain that once was (yikes!) Detach the extra chains and ditch the hardware for a super sleek clutch. You’ll go from “eh” in the accessories department to “Fashion Editor” with a capital F.

Upgrade Your Denim
I used to be the girl who bought a cheap piece of denim just because my favorite designer pair was getting worn way too many times only one way. Invest in a good pair of jeans! It’ll save you money, since you won’t be buying the cheapo’s every once in awhile. Try buying a pair of boyfriend or skinnies. You can cuff, roll, unroll, and tuck into many different options and lengthen the life of your denim wear.

Old Navy | The Boyfriend Skinny Ankle Jeans ($30) // American Eagle | Extreme Jegging ($50)

Get Monochromatic
All black, all white, all grey, even camel. Opt for one color in cool proportions and textures to create a super cool look everyone will be drooling over. It’s actually fun to put monochromatic looks together—it feels like a challenge! Did I mention how chic this is right now?

Asos | Tailored Sleeveless Boilersuit ($81) // Zara | Sash belt trousers with bow ($60) // H&M | Blouse with Trumpet Sleeves ($30)

Get Creative With Accessories
Your favorite silk scarf just turned into a purse accent Monday-Wednesday and a hairband Thursday and Friday. Reusing your accessories in interesting ways adds a very unexpected touch that will have people waiting to see exactly what you do next. You get more use out of your pieces and still make a style statement!

-post by sami davis

May 21, 2015

Cool Mom. Cool Diaper Bag.

Ok, so now that I'm a mom, I'm on the hunt for a diaper bag.

Yes, it's a bit late...why? Well, you see....I've been using one of my bigger handbags as a diaper bag. I'm quickly discovering there aren't enough compartments to put everything in!  Very annoying when you're out with your baby on a long stroll & find yourself digging around your BIG handbag for a small pacifier etc.

Now after searching and searching online I've come across some great options that are not only stylish but functional. Let's face it, there are some UGLY diaper bags out there.  I just can't see myself holding a bag that feels like I'm hauling around a clown outfit.  No offense but...."Dear designers, please make nicer diaper bags."  In the meanwhile I've got a few I'd recommend - some not-so-affordable and some are.

As of right now I'm looking at #2 , a black quilted diaper bag by StorkSak. This bag is pretty cool....has all the necessary pockets & then some.

Moms, take note...this is def a cool bag!

 see more at storksak

-post by jen ramos

May 18, 2015

Pineapple Art

Hey guys!! Last week I added several original Pineapple paintings to Made By Girl - but there is 1 more left.... you can now see it hereDo you want a similar painting for your home? Do you have a commission you'd like to request? Email me.

-post by jen ramos

May 15, 2015


When it comes to storage at home, we can make it just storage or create a beautiful space to display our books, art and home decor and add a little personality to our space. There is so many stylish bookshelves on the market to chose from and when styled, they'll bring a totally new look to any living room! I personally love bright and colorful bookshelves, full of accessories, personal items and vintage finds, a statement element of the room.

Here is one you might get inspired by and some happy home decor ideas below!

/7/ Barneys /8/ Chairish /9/ Habitat /10/ Amara

- post by Monika Boruch

May 12, 2015


Hi everyone! This is Sandra from Blasfemmes bringing you fashion inspiration for the good weather that awaits us.  I am undeniably a Pinterest enthusiast, it is probably my favorite social media outlet because I always find wonderful inspiration there. These are two of my favorite recent pins and I decided to make a post on how to get these looks. What's your favorite social media outlet for fashion inspiration?

1. Suno Eyelet Top // 2. Part Two Striped Blazer // 3. Current/Elliott White Jeans // 4. J. Crew Pavé Link Bracelet // 5. Michael Kors Pink Selma Crossbody Bag // 6. Vans Lo Pro Sneakers Image from Merricksart

1. Forever21 Blue Lace Top & Zara Top// 2. Loeffler Randall Rider Bag // 3. Current/Elliott White Jeans // 4. J. Crew Necklace // 5. J. Crew Pavé Link Bracelet // 6. Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Flats Image from StylishPetite

 -post by sandra lopes 

May 5, 2015

The Maxi Dress

Spring time arrived in NYC - but yesterday it felt more like Summer. WOAH, it was HOT. Especially if you're walking around for a bit... 

During this time of year I jump online and hunt down the best fitting maxi dresses. Maxi dresses can start at $26 and go upwards of $300. Crazy, I know.  Two Summers ago I bought 3 maxi dresses & ended up spending about $100 each.  Now I look around & realize there are some really great fitting ones for the half the price. Go figure. 

It pays to shop around & one of my fave places to shop dresses is BooHoo.  Seriously, you cannot beat their prices!  If you scroll down you'll notice the long black (form-fitting) maxi I wore this past  weekend, it was only $26!! They have a ton of other cute options but I felt this was the best fit for me. In case you're wondering it's number 4 (below) and I'm a size 4.  

I love this style of dress...I must admit when I'm feeling lazy or don't have time to shave my legs, this dress is ideal. Ha.

So, tell me are you into maxi dresses? Which is your fave?

1. asos white frill dress  2. cami maxi asos 3. leopard print maxi via asos 4. black strappy frill maxi via boohoo 5. young fabulous & broke maxi 6. caftan maxi by young fabulous & broke 7. racer back maxi via shopbop

IVVI stroller by nuna

-post by jen ramos

May 4, 2015


Hi, Monica from Beauty Parler! So excited Spring is finally here and the sun is shining. Some of you might be planning Summer vacations already and to get you started on a few travel essentials I've chosen a few favourites. Aside from beauty blogging I also work as a flight attendant and I always carry a few beauty essentials in my carry-on.

One word that is key when traveling by plane is moisturize. From the moment you step on that airplane, the dry air sucks the moisture out of you. Aside from the obvious as drinks lots of water! You need to replenish the moisture loss.

There are many brands of water spray cans, Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray is one of my favourites. Adds moisture but for me it's the refreshing factor. Right before landing a spritz of water on the face feels cool and awakens.

Facial wipes, disposal and easy to carry. I like the Neutrogena All-In-One Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes, not only for in-flight but as part of my skincare routine.

Hand cream is a must! I tend to carry more than one as my hands get so dry. The L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream is an old favourite and classic. Creamy and leaves hands so soft. Love the scent too!

I've lost count of how many lip balms are in my uniform pockets. However, Benefit Hydrating Lip Tints are great because they add a hint of colour which in my case is necessary under those horrible lights.

Lastly, not so much for the flight but any skincare that isn't in liquid format for travel is a smart choice. Especially if you're a carry-on only type of gal. With liquid restrictions at airports, the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is an amazing product. It's a gentle powder exfoliate that suds when mixed with water.

-post by Monica Da Rosa

April 27, 2015

FOOD: Double Chocolate Pancakes

Hi Made By Girls! This is Jen from Pretty Eats bringing you a fun and decadent way to wake up, Double Chocolate Pancakes.  I love trying to incorporate non-dairy options in my recipes, and experimented with Chocolate Soy Milk with these pancakes…delish!! Now these thick, chocolately treats are really more dessert than breakfast, but once in a while won't hurt. Don't forget my trick to make these cakes even more special, a sprinkle of fresh berries on top! Enjoy!

Double Chocolate Pancakes
Ingredients:  makes 10 medium sized pancakes

    •    1/2  cup unsweetened cocoa powder
    •    1 cup all-purpose flour
    •    1/2 cup sugar
    •    2 tsp baking soda
    •    1/4 tsp salt
    •    1 1/2 cup chocolate soy milk
    •    1 egg
    •    1 tsp vanilla
    •    High quality maple syrup
    •    Fresh berries of your choice

    •    In a large bowl, whisk together dry ingredients. Add wet ingredients and whisk well. Allow batter to sit for 15 minutes (or refrigerate if longer than 15 min).
    •    On a greased griddle (medium heat), scoop 1/4 cups of the batter onto surface. Flip when bubbles begin to rise to the top.
    •    Stack 'em up, drizzle some syrup, and enjoy with a topping of fresh berries!

-post by jen olson

April 21, 2015


Hello lovelies! Sami from The Unexpected Type here to chat about 2015 Spring trends. With the official first day of the season behind us, it’s time to start transitioning your wardrobe! I’ve taken this Spring’s top three runway trends and given you a complete, wearable look to effortlessly transition your style towards warmer weather and fresh color palettes.

The Shirtdress // Seen in collections by Altuzarra, Charlotte Ronson, and Rebecca Minkoff
The classic silhouette gets a revamp with punchy patterns, clean design, and fun accents, like an unexpected high slit. Pair the silhouette great with a patterned bag and lace-up sandals.

Black & White // Seen in collections by Thakoon, Public School, DKNY

This year black and white gets an extreme update with innovative textures and unexpected shapes. The best part about this trend? You can transition seamlessly by stretching the life into some of your Winter blacks. A patterned piece works great with one of the season's hottest shoes, the mule, and a fun, sporty bag. 

The Kimono Coat // Seen in collections by Tracy Reese, Tibi, Thakoon Winter’s cocoon trench coats are replaced with free flowing, feminine “kimono” inspired wraps and coats. Slouchy, light weight, and comfortable—what’s not to like? Pair the coat with an ultra-feminine pair of heels, like these d'orsay pumps, and a neutral bag.

(All runway photos courtesy of Vogue)
-post by sami davis

April 20, 2015

MamaRoo is the way to go

Before baby came into the picture my husband & I were not into BIG baby things. So, when we first saw the MamaRoo - we both looked at each other & said, "no way." 

Well, fast-forward a month later (baby now in the picture) & that "no way" became "yes way!" On the recommendation of a friend whose a mom & my own mother, we were convinced that the MamaRoo was the way to go for comforting our baby when we couldn't hold him.  This infant seat basically swings from side-to-side & bounces up-and-down just like we do when we are holding him. 

As fate would have it, the people over at 4 Moms contacted me & said they'd gift Noah a MamaRoo - so I said YES!! I'll try it. 

I admit, we had no idea where we would put this thing.  We certainly didn't want our home looking like a baby palace...we tend to be clutter-free types.  This was going to be a challenge.  When we received the MamaRoo, Noah immediately LOVED it.  And honestly, it wasn't as humongous when we saw it in relation to everything else in our home.  Here he is (below) asleep in my work studio.  This thing gets him to SLEEP pretty quickly & I am now able to concentrate on other tasks.  Seriously, I don't know what we would've done without this.

Here's a bit about the seat & what it does:

  • sways back & forth, side to side
  • can do 5 unique motions
  • can be controlled with your smartphone
  • has built-in sounds & P3 Plug-in
  • Can play your own music from your smartphone 
  • seat fully reclines really well
  • reversible toy balls for your baby to look at  (Noah is still figuring these out)
  • reversible newborn insert, (I recommend this for added support!)
  • several colors to choose from, (we chose the classic black)

'BABY' onesie from hello apparel

Have you tried the MamaRoo? What do you think?

-images by jen ramos

April 17, 2015

7 beauty products I use every day

I get a lot of questions about what I use for beauty products everyday. Well, it's pretty simple.  I tend to try different things, but like most women, I'll usually stick to what works. Here are 6 beauty products I use that work for me & why:

2. joeur cosmetics mineral powder blush

-post by jen ramos

April 14, 2015


Hey guys! Great news!!! Have you seen the new Made By Girl site yet?

WE have officially merged Cocoa & Hearts (my original paintings) with Made By Girl!  You can now find all prints & original paintings on one website. This is easier for us, hope it's easier for you too! We have several new pieces that I think you'll want to check out like:

Lily the Swan - perfect for nurseries & kids rooms. Hand-drawn art by me, sold as a print.
love, love, LOVE - Perfect print for any decor. 
Black Abstract Swirl - add a little modern abstract piece to your gallery wall. Hand painted by me, sold as a print.
EVER & EVER in gold foil - this print would make a great print for a wedding, or a gift.

THEN we have the Original ART section | Cocoa & Hearts:
Darla's Flowers - original painted art by me
Le Kissy - original painted art by me

Plus, I'll be adding these hand-painted 'Hot Pink Swans' soon to the Original Paintings section!! Cocoa & Hearts Stay tuned!! You can always request a custom one if they sell-out.

Thank you for checking out the new site, enjoy your week!

-image by jen ramos


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