November 25, 2015

Winter Coat Ready

The coolest coats of the season are upon us. As much as I want to buy a coat, I have TOO many!  However, if you're looking to purchase some stylish outerwear - I've got you covered.  My personal pick is definitely the icon Trench coat in wool-cashmere by Jcrew  - and guess what?  It is on SALE right now for 30% off!  It comes in 4 different colors, but I'd choose the all black.  I also included a super cool leather fringe scarf by Mackage that I love! I've never seen anything like that in a winter accessories before. DEF a + 

1. jcrew trench 2. faux fur hooded coat via topshop 3. scarf w/leather fringe via mackage 
4. neat wool blend cape via topshop  5. faux fur animal print coat via topshop 6. black faux fur coat via zara

-post by jen ramos


November 16, 2015


In case you hadn't heard..... we have a sale going on. We are offering 40% off most art prints on MADE BY GIRL - SALE starts today!! - Use the code FALL2015.   Happy shopping!!

-images by jen ramos

November 13, 2015


Hi guys! this is Monika bringing you some decor this Friday! 

This living room designed by The Design Co is one of my favorite spaces of all time and I thought I put a little inspiration to crate a similar look! I love everything about this room, from the comfy, traditional sofas with carved legs to French inspired chairs and a fabulous marble fireplace mantel. The zebra rug adds a bit of an edge and it's a perfect contemporary addition to mix thing up and contrast with the chic Parisian windows frames and classic accessories. The whole is just perfect!

-post by monika boruch


November 10, 2015

Experience A Cup Above

Coffee is my thing.

I used to be a coffee-shop fanatic, until I discovered Nespresso.  I realized how much money I was spending on coffee +  time wasted in-line waiting for my tall decaf soy latte with a splash of mocha on top! Oooh, long name!  Nothing wrong with name brand coffee shops but there's something magical about making your own cappuccino in the comfort of your own home.  After receiving my first machine, citiz & milk  as a gift from a friend,  I was HOOKED on Nespresso.  The ease & the taste of the coffee was way better than the coffee shops I had visited.  For the last few years I've been a loyal customer of this amazing brand.  So, Nespresso asked me to share my daily coffee routine & to try out the newest machine in the VertuoLine range, Evoluo.  The new machine launched last month and is featured in their new “Experience a cup above” campaign with George Clooney.

To those who don't know me, I work from home. Working from home is definitely an interesting & challenging experience. I tend to work on turbo-mode and then take a break during the daytime to spend time with my son for a few minutes.  I usually hang out with him while I make myself a (much-needed) cappuccino & pair it with Sprinkles cupcakes or a gluten-free bagel + pumpkin butter spread.  I eagerly look forward to these moments & feel relaxed & at ease being a work-at-home-mom.

During the middle of my work day on my break, I'll  enjoy my coffee with a bagel.  It's one of my favorite things......but my son loves colors, so cupcakes get him EXCITED!  He then goes back to his sitter & I get back to work, checking email, posting photos on social media like instagram & painting.  Being an artist, my home studio can get a little messy.  Even still, I'm not afraid to bring my coffee into the mix... I'll even use it as a prop for photo shoots.  Of course, I'll drink it afterwards.   I love painting & sipping on my cappuccino, I feel like the two things go hand-in-hand.  Working at home has it's challenges & the one day my sitter isn'tt working, it's hard to leave the house & walk into a coffee-shop with a stroller etc. (even if I wanted to).  So having a high-end machine like the Evoluo, which brews espresso and large-cup coffee, is VERY helpful.

Below:  Infant Nuna ZAAZ convertible high chair in Pewter

In the last few days, I've really enjoyed my work breaks, because the new Evoluo machine has been wonderful. You see,  I love milk (soy milk) in my coffee, so I got the bundle with the Aeroccino (milk frother).  This machine is quieter & more beautiful than my previous one.  It also maintains the gorgeous crema, which is what you see in my glass cup in the photo.  Nespresso machines use Nespresso capsules and brew high quality coffee , they are easy-to-clean & offer some great varieties in their Grand Crus like the new Limited Edition Swiss Chocolate for the holidays, yum!!!   One thing I learned while trying the new Evoluo is that Nespresso only selects the top 1-2% of coffee from the finest coffee-producing regions for their Grand Crus! Nice.

I love my coffee at home & drinking an iced version on the weekends with my husband after dinner is like my dessert sometimes.  He'll even add a scoop of coconut milk ice cream on top!  I swear.  So now you know how I  "Experience A Cup Above."

Above: Infant Nuna ZAAZ convertible high chair

-post + photos by made by girl
-this post was created in partnership with nespresso - thanks!

November 9, 2015

World Adoption Day

We are celebrating #WorldAdoptionDay along with MANY others today!! All you have to do is draw a SMILEY face on your hand & tag #WorldAdoptionDay. November is adoption month ....YAY!! I FEEL SO BLESSED to be a MOM.

November 6, 2015


Kelly Behun was featured in Elle Decor a couple days ago as designer for a gorgeous Park Avenue home - and boy was it beautiful! I'm only showing you one photo of that gorgeous space, the rest is on Elle Decor. However here is some of her other work which is amazing too. Kelly's studio is based out of NYC & they also design funky pieces of furniture. 

Interesting enough she graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Economics - she is now a highly sought after designer. Kelly's design work has been published in numerous magazines including Elle Decor, New York Magazine (cover story of annual design issue), House Beautiful, House and Garden & more! She's designed many homes including Ivanka Trump's NYC apartment.

Feel free to view her portfolio here.

Have a great weekend! 

-post by jen ramos
-images via elle decor

November 4, 2015

My Baby Boy Room Ideas

I've been imagining Noah's nursery for several years now, and although he doesn't officially have his own room, he will one day soon!  Right now he shares a space with us in a side area of our room.  Living in the City requires sacrificing space & oftentimes people will share their space with their children for a several months until they can figure out another (more-convenient) arrangement.

In the next couple of months I hope to CREATE a few digital-nurseries & then choose, execute & start working on it in REAL LIFE. That's my plan.  I've come up with option number (1) below, which includes some of my own new ABSTRACT art. Hopefully as he grows, he'll be inspired to incorporate his own art into the space.  All in all, I wanted the room to feel modern, creative with bright pops of color! One other feature I really want to add is the black- striped teepee from Land Of Nod.  I can already picture myself reading to him inside this cozy little teepee ! 

Another decor item I'm also considering is a neon sign.... in a blue-ish tone.  I love the effect the neon lighting gives off in a space. It adds such a cool effect!  However, I haven't decided what I'd like the neon to say.....hmmmm.  I remember wanting to have a child for as long as I can remember. Adopting Noah was a dream come true, and he is so loved.  But I'm stuck on what the sign should say.... Any ideas??? Maybe his name, Noah? Or maybe something else like 'dreams come true' or "You are Loved".  

I'm currently looking at a company called Endeavour Neon for the sign, so we shall see.   Books are so prominent in my home, I want them to be a BIG part of Noah's life. So, I figure start adding them to his space & that should hopefully generate interest in them! I can literally keep going on decor...but you get the idea. Stay tuned for another nursery down the line!

Curious....what do you think the neon should say?

1. delaney rug in 8"x10" via pottery barn kids
2. teepee via land of nod
3. snow rabbit via ooh noo 
4. set of 2 or 4 blue abstract art via made by girl (coming soon)
5. modern alphabet blocks white letters via ooh noo
6. boys rule print via mini learners
7. custom neon signs via Endeavour Neon 
8. mini zebra print via made by girl 
9. new issue book case via Land of Nod 
10. Andy Warhol's Colors book
11. bow tie blocks via Land of Nod
12. WHERE THE WILD Things Are book via amazon
13. Personalized name kids book via Pottery barn kids
14. sort and tip truck via pottery barn kids
15. rainbow stacker via Land of Nod

-post by jen ramos

October 27, 2015


The over-the-knee boot trend is one of my faves. I used to think this look looked too"Pretty Woman" & wasn't that fond of it. But as the years have gone by & countless fashion bloggers have worn this style, I've learned to love them. I own a pair but they are a bit narrow in the tow area for me, so I don't wear them too often.

I would love to invest in some comfy ones (if even possible) so that I could wear them with a pair of skinny jeans.  My all time favorite are the pricey ones called the 'HIGHLAND' by Stuart Weitzman they run about $800.  Gulp, I know. But they DEF look the best in my opinion.  

Tell me, are you into the over-the-knee trend this Fall?? Which is your fave?

-post by jen ramos

October 21, 2015


Traveling with my family last week was not easy.  I'll be the first to tell you that being in such a small space with my husband (for too long) is not always a good idea.  I love him, but damn.... we can get on each others' nerves in such tight quarters!  I also discovered on this trip that RV'ing (as they call it) just isn't for me.  I guess I'm more of a city girl who likes to dress chic & sip on cappuccinos.... I ADMIT IT.

Nonetheless, I decided to go because I thought it would be a good idea to experience the back roads, farms, fruit markets and the beautiful animals we don't see in the city.  I guess you could say, I wanted to be rugged for a bit.  On this trip, I realized I'm too much of a city-girl to go rugged more than 4 days. Our trip went for 9 days. Tooo long.

In the meanwhile, we also traveled with our 7 1/2 month old son.  He wasn't a handful, he was ACTUALLY two.  We had to make stops every time he was to be fed & changed. To be fair, he has a good temperament and isn't a huge crybaby but he certainly got irritated being in the car seat too long.  Car seats are wonderful & horrible at the same time, right?  Because he's still under 2 yrs old,  he has to face towards the back of the vehicle, so he doesn't get to see much out the window. Like a friend told me recently, when you take kids with you, it's no longer a vacation but a trip.  Don't get me wrong, I thank God for the time off, but hoping for a vacation next time.

All in all, the sights I saw were as beautiful as any movie & the places we visited were SUPER fun. I learned a few things along the way, if you decide to  travel in an RV + baby, it will require a few things:

  • patience
  • a good amount of baby clothes
  • if you're traveling in the cold, pack warm attire
  • Organic baby food to-go like Ella's Kitchen or Happy Baby
  • portable baby tub like Puj - that folds & hangs to dry easily
  • a comfy car seat that is easy to remove like the nuna PIPA
  •  Pre-fill bottles with water or pedialyte to carry around if you're child is thirsty
  •  Do not plan too much, because trust me, most of the trip will be spontaneous and you may be disappointed. 
  • have lots of possible destinations as back ups, in case plan A fails.
  • download cartoons or kids learning videos on an ipad or whatever for your child to watch during his/her traveling time in the car seat. 
  • always charge phones, iPad, etc. 
  • With an RV it's better to opt for plastic dinnerware because renting the ceramic dishes etc. like we did, wasn't a good idea. Why? because with every bump all you could hear are dishes & I was fearing the cabinets opening. Although the dishes are in a safety box, was annoying for the baby to hear as he slept.
  • bring plenty of bottled water for everyone - which baby can also drink from. 
  • Forget bringing your entire wardrobe. Almost all RV parks have laundry & while you are there you can do a quick load. 
  • if it's cold, I'd suggest bringing a small portable heater. You never know when you may need it.
  • stay organized, put things in specific places so you don't spend most of your trip wondering where you're shoes are etc. 
  • Do not overeat. Not for anything but... being on the road too long with a baby you will be sitting around a lot. The kitchen should be used to cook meals. We used it almost every single night. 
  • We decided to cover the cloth RV seats with towels we bought at a Walmart after i spilled some water on one section then sat down on it. Got up to discover i had a dark spot on my jeans from the dirt that collects on the RV cushions. Gross. So, cover those things up! This is perfect when you have to place some baby items on the seats. 
  • Use the main RV bed as the baby changing station. But make sure to never leave your infant alone!

-post by jen ramos

October 9, 2015

Lenny Kravitz for CB2

If you haven't heard.....Rockstar, Lenny Kravitz is now a designer & has teamed up with CB2 to launch a super chic home collection! Exciting! I've been waiting for this & have to say this collaboration was a great idea on CB2's part.  I mean, I've been dying to see more edgy & brassy-gold elements & BAM.... it's Lenny's new stuff!! -   I gathered some of my faves like this amazing Rake Brass chair designed with Lenny & this
Icelandic Sheepskin stool with gold legs (not from his collection but, OMG!)  

If this collection doesn't give your home a CHIC & edgy feel, I don't know what will. I DEF have to visit CB2 as son as we get back from our vacation! 

I should be updating mostly on my instagram from our vacation, have a great weekend!

-post by jen ramos

October 8, 2015


Hey everyone! I'm still here...but been busier these days on my instagram to tell you the truth. Ha! Anyway,  I found this cute California based company I wanted to share. It's called Lux Eros.

LUX / EROS is a lifestyle brand & design studio by creative consultant Desanka N. Fasiska. They create handmade ceramics and textiles for the home. The ceramics are so interesting & chic looking, reminds me a bit of the Kelly Wearstler home stuff.  These are chunky & unique pieces, I bet they would definitely strike up a conversation at any dinner gathering don't you think?  My favorite piece from her collection is the Golden Kiss Vessel.  

What's yours?

- photo by bridget pizzo
-post by jen ramos

October 5, 2015

MadeByGirl here & there

    So awesome to see my GOLD Love print in the newest issue of Adore Magazine - love how parents decorate their nurseries with them.  We have them in METALLIC Silver & Gold.
Check out the rest of the new Adore issue here, many beautiful images! 

-images via adore magazine

October 1, 2015

October glad FALL is here. Cooler weather + vacation time for us. Stay tuned on my instagram to see where we go!

-image handwriting by jen ramos

September 29, 2015

DESIGN: Feminine Bedroom Decor

Hello dear readers, it's Monika from Style Loves Home here, bringing fresh dose of design! I've been lusting over those bedrooms for a while, I love their "boutique hotel" feel, pink shades, furry accessories and soft lines. They are so feminine and stylish, I would love to decorate my bedroom this way or all least add some of those cute accessories for a girly touch. 

This is what I would suggest if you're looking to give your bedroom a feminine flair!


pictures via vintagechicblog / livingpink / bhg

by Monika

September 25, 2015

Our NYC Apt. Photos

Being featured in Style at Home's special issue called 'Designer Secrets' was so awesome. The main reason is because it was the first time my paintings were featured in print! I was also featured in Adore magazine earlier this year in which Taleen Dersdepanian shot for, and also Better Homes & Gardens Magazine! I couldn't be more grateful.

Here are a few shots from a variety of the issues that may or may not have been shown - hope you enjoy them and please pin them but link back to my blog please.

-images above by raquel bianca

- images below by taleen 

- above: white parsons desk via:  west elm
......& you will not believe how AWESOME the new black decoupage marble desk is.

above: gray velvet sofa from jayson home & garden, similar style here
above: indian chief art by jenna snyder phillips
below: dress by milly

-post by jen ramos

September 24, 2015

REAL LIFE: Iced COFFEE, dirty looks & spit up.

I used to love sitting quietly at Starbucks sipping on a soy cafe mocha & reading a book. Watching the people shuffling in & out with their coffee cups, listening to the annoyingly long names for coffee and everything else that happens in a big-city Starbucks.  Yesterday, I walked into Starbucks with my son Noah, who is now 7 months old.  We were alone and he was in his stroller. We stopped because I was hungry & figured it would be a quick way to get a breakfast sandwich & iced coffee. 

Ordered & then sat down while Noah sipped on some pedialyte next to me.  He is now holding his own bottle at 7 months, not perfectly coordinated.... but pretty darn good!  He started at 6 months, so I let him try when he wants to.  Anyway, all of a sudden his 3 ounces were finished & I was still eating my sandwich.  He needed to BURP, so I got him onto my lap.  My meal was now on hold...NORMAL occurrence when I'm with baby.  As I'm burping him, he spits up onto his pant legs, then all of a sudden throws up the pedialyte & it lands on the bench we're sitting!

My thought was "ugh, where is the napkin I had?" I scrambled to find a napkin, and noticed one under my sandwich!  Ummm, I realized I couldn't reach MY DIAPER BAG within the tight quarters we were in to get a washcloth, so I had to make due with one napkin!  The girl a seat away from me SAW EVERYTHING.  She even had 5 napkins or so on the bench next to her.  She looked at Noah & gave me a "not-so-nice look" then turned away.

Of course, for 2 seconds I wanted to tell her how "crappy" that was!   I mean, would it have killed her to offer one or two napkins?  BUT,  I kept my cool.  After that, I also had to change his pants in the middle of all the commotion around us......THANKFULLY, I managed to reach my bag and take out his emergency outfit.  So, there you have it.  That is what my Starbucks experience looks like as a mother.

It used to be me, my book & my cappuccino - now, it's me trying to juggle several things in my hands.  Every day that passes and I fall more & more into my role as a mom... & I realize why mothers are so tired by the end of the day.  Zzzzzz.

Oh, Starbucks.  I kinda miss our quiet time.

-post by jen ramos
-please excuse my punctuation, I am obviously not an English major.


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